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2017 Summer Fashion Trends

julio 14, 2017

Now that summer is fast approaching, many people are about to do one thing, which is to make a wardrobe change. If you are the type of person who not only likes getting new clothes, but also strives to get the trendiest ones on the market, this post is for you. We have some pretty amazing suggestions that will help you to be conversant with the most current trends as far as this year’s fashion is concerned. Without further ado, here are the wardrobe items that give a reflection of the 2017 summer fashion trends:


There’s no doubt that translucent and see-through accents are deviously alluring. Summer being a time when showing a bit of skin is totally acceptable, sheer will be as trendy this summer as it has been over the years. Getting sheer clothing, be it a sheer dress, skirt, blouse or leggings, will ensure that you remain demure and sexy all at once. Talk of sheer genius.


Perfect for those who are not shy to wear underwear as outwear, bralettes are undoubtedly a trendy option this summer. They come in a wide variety of styles, including strappy ones, those in velvet textures, as well as those covered in floral prints.


Ruffles are so trendy right now that it would be a society sin not to add them to your summer collection. Just like fancy sleeves, ruffles are evolving from being exclusive autumn/winter staples to spring/summer must-haves. Whether you prefer large or small, voluminous or subtle, rest assured that there’s a ruffled style to satisfy your fashion palate.


Stripes have always been popular in the fashion world and are usually very trendy during summer. This summer won’t be an exception. If you love them, you can easily create a stylish outfit combination with one or more stripe fashion item. Whether horizontal, vertical, skinny or bold, stripes are undoubtedly eye-catching ensembles.

Stripes popular and very trendy during summer
bright Color clothing

Bright colors

The summer is characteristically that time of the year when most people dump their dark-colored clothing in preference to lighter and brighter clothing. In tune with this norm, the 2017 summer trends include lots of color. Don’t you be afraid to clash colors. Think grass green and bright blue, yellow and pink, red and blue, pink and purple…the options are endless. White dresses are also quite trendy during this season as they are extremely comfortable, highly stylish and incredibly versatile.

Off-shoulder tops/dresses

If you’ve been to trendy bars during this time of the year, you’ve probably noticed that a good number of style-conscious women are rocking this style. You can also celebrate summer time in style by barring a little skin with off-shoulder dresses and tops. In fact, off-shoulder tops are no longer a summer trend, but they are every woman’s wardrobe essential.


Off Shoulder Dresses

You can check out the huge collection of stylish, elegant and trendy dresses that you can wear during summer 2017 at Stefano Di Roma. From bright colored dresses and stripped dresses, to sheer dresses and off-shoulder tops, you will find them all here. Besides dresses, Intima also has a great collection of trendy skirts, tops, shorts, pants and sportswear for summer.

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